Kleeneze 2010 New Year Conference News

Despite the subzero temperatures and thick snow, it was business as usual at the NIA in Birmingham, for the Kleeneze 2010 New Year Conference.

New Distributor Incentives

There were 3 additional new distributor incentives announced by Kleeneze’s Managing Director, Jamie Stewart:

1. Retail >300bp (£352.50) in the first 21 days and receive a free retail kit worth £32
2. Retail >650bp (£764) in the first 4 week and receive a free retail kit worth £32
3. Retail >650bp (£764) in the second 4-week period and receive a free retail kit worth £32

All in all there is £96 worth of free caralogues available for new distributors in their first 8 weeks. This is a fantastic incentive – wish I had it when I joined!

Kleeneze Recruitment Target

Jamie Stewart also announced Kleeneze’s plan to increase distributor numbers by 5,000 in 2010. These will all be recruited by existing distributors, thus increasing company turnover, profit and distributor incomes. Remember, Kleeneze pay nearly half of all their profits to the distributor network, which amounts to tens of millions of pounds each year.

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James Caan

The scheduled speaker for the day, Duncan Bannatyne, was unable to make it but was replaced at the last minute by fellow Dragon, James Caan, who travelled up to the NIA from London Euston just a couple of hours before his speech.

James shared his story with the audience, about how he started his own head hunting firm called Alexander Mann in an office no larger than a broom cupboard in London’s Pall Mall. From humble beginnings, he grew his business and invested in other businesses, his first being a small London based boutique, which today has grown into a profitable chain.

He shared many real life experiences about the ups and downs and challenges of building businesses and his belief that ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’.

Other News From The Day

  • 2010 is the year when the recession will truly impact most people’s lifestyles
  • New Kleeneze Recruitment TV Advert will be launched later in the year to drive distributor recruitment in 2010
  • Postive results reported from the 2009 TV campaigns including more catalogue requests and distributor recruitment
  • New Kleeneze Distributor Internet Registration has receive positive feedback
  • The 2010 International Conference is Hong Kong