Paul Flintoft Story 2010

I was recently asked to share my backround and story of my journey with Kleeneze and realised that I hadn’t shared it with anyone for such a long time.  Anyway, here it is in a nutshell…

I was at University in my home town of Hull studying for a BSc Degree in Biology when I joined Kleeneze.  I always wanted to have my own business and have a good lifestyle but never knew how – thought Kleeneze might be the vehicle to help me get to where I wanted to be.  At the time, I’d never done sales, marketing or business – so was a real novice with very little skill and not much confidence.  My background is very working class, with no real role-models in my family or network of friends.

After losing some money and learning some lessons from a couple of online ‘money making schemes’ I joined Kleeneze early in 2002.  I earned £217 in my first period, £265 in my second period and over £400 in my third period, just from retailing part-time. I decided to get stuck into sponsoring in my fourth period.

I got to the Gold Distributor in 8 periods and Bronze Executive 2 periods after that.  My income was over £1,500 per month part-time at this point.  This year I worked absolutely flat out as not only was I retailing, sponsoring and supporting new team members, but along with my sponsor and friend Steve Clark, developed the Real Earners System (website, success guide, newsletter, marketing material and recruiting websites, scripts etc.).  At the time I joined Kleeneze, there was very little going on in our group and nothing in the way of a system.

At the beginning of 2003 I decided to put my degree on hold (after completing 1 ½ years of my degree), took on some part-time driving work and consolidated my Bronze Exec business position (my business hit a bit of a plateau).  I also refined our system this year.

In 2004 I went full-time, moved up two positions to the Gold Executive position in the plan and my income rose to nearly £3,000 p/m.  I won a trip to Sydney in Australia from Kleeneze.  This year I started speaking at quite a lot of meetings in the UK (and once in Ireland), including for people like Chris Mason-Paull, Andy Boswell, Lynn McDonald and Gill Nicholson.

In period 11, 2005 I broke two more Gold legs and achieved the Senior Executive Distributor (SED) level in the plan with a turnover in excess of £100,000 p/m after just 3 years and 9 months in the business.  My income rose to well over £4,000 p/m.  I won Gill Nicholson’s top achiever award (and a trip to Dubai) and qualified for the Rio De Janeiro Kleeneze conference too.  This put me in the top 0.5% of distributors in the company.  This was also the year I launched my business into the Netherlands and set up a regular meeting out there (in a place called Utrecht) with the help of Gill Nicholson and some of my team members.

Feb/March 2006 I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for charity right after I got back from Rio and then moved to Warwickshire (where I still live) from Yorkshire.  I also went part-time in the business again later this year.

In 2007, I bought my first house (aged 31) – a nice new 4 bed-roomed townhouse thanks to Kleeneze.

Today, I run my business part-time and it has allowed me to do and be so much more than I was when I joined in 2002.  I have recently started a financial services and education company called Money Minds (helping people to succeed financially on a broader level), I have learned and developed web design and Internet marketing skills, which have not only significantly help me with Kleeenze but which also provide an extra income by selling my services to help other small businesses.  I’m involved in a local charity and help run two business breakfast groups.

Kleeneze has given me a great income, time freedom, skill development, confidence and a wider social network, some of who have become good friends.

Paul Flintoft

Paul Flintoft


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