Why have Kleeneze succeeded where so many have failed?
Because Kleeneze actually move a lot of products to the public, not just to agents. We have no ‘upfront’ purchase requirements and the agents have no stock to hold. Without exception, every agent who works the business, makes money. Also we do not have a ‘few at the top’ who make all the money. With Kleeneze, the money is spread more evenly thus maintaining the opportunity for new agents who really do get into profit almost straight away.
Why does Kleeneze move so much product?
Because we have 1,500 lines which are all low ticket items that everyone can afford to buy. Our system places the products in front of new customers every day, without face to face contact. If a lot of people see, then a lot of people buy.
Do I have to spend hours going from door to door?
No, there are many ways to retail products. When you have built yourself a customer base (over the months) the retailing is easy and pleasurable.
Lets be realistic. How much can I really earn?
Your rewards will depend on your efforts, but profits of £500 per month are commonplace, £1,000 per month frequent, £2,000 per month attainable by anybody and £5,000+ per month if you’re really committed.
I know someone who tried network marketing and failed so I am therefore skeptical.
Many slipshod organisations come and go. Only a handful of companies have stayed the course. Unlike many networks, you will not need 1000’s in your group to succeed – just a few will work wonders. We publish monthly our senior sales agents figures and can prove to you the incomes earned.
Surely there is more time involved than Kleeneze says?
Depending on your own organisational abilities and efficiency, good monthly incomes are available for 10 – 12 hours per week. If you feel ready to take it to the next step, then you will be given all the support that you need. The majority of the big earners in this business started part-time and then made their business full-time when their Kleeneze income was high enough for them to leave their other jobs. One of our top earners was making £70,000 per year before he decided to run the business full-time!
How much does it cost to get started?
Most businesses or franchises cost many £1,000’s to start up.  With Kleeneze, you can get started for as little as £75.  To find out more about the various Kleeneze start-up options, please visit the join Kleeneze page.

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