Below are some common terms and meanings that are used within Kleeneze and the direct selling industry.

The 21% cash-in-hand you earn on all your own sales.
The higher your personal and your group sales, the more extra profit you are eligible for.
A method of getting products/services directly to customers without many of the traditional 'middlemen'.
A method of building a business whereby independent agents are responsible for their own marketing and building a network, or team, of other agents.
Commonly known as agents, these are people who help to take the products to the customers and/or build their own team of distributors.
A group of people who regularly purchase products.
A period of 4 weeks that Kleeneze use to calculate turnover.
The act of recruiting and supporting distributors who will make up your own team.
Distributors can sponsor people and the people they sponsor can sponsor people and so on.... The maximum depth you can build your business is 5 generations deep. You will find out more about how this works as you get involved in the business.
An illegal method of making money where only those at the top of such schemes make money at the loss of other people below them.
Multi-level marketing (MLM) shares the same definition as network marketing. It combines direct selling with team building for extra profits.

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