On top of 21% retail profit that you earn, you can further increase this by up to an additional 16% in the form of volume profit.

As an example, if you post and collect 200 catalogues per week you will, on average, turnover £800 in the 4 week sales period. This will entitle you to an extra 6% volume profit on top of your 21% retail profit (see table below).

Period Turnover Volume Profit
£780 6
£1,560 8
£2,700 10
£4,080 12
£6,120 14
£9,000 16

So you can see that retailing £800 in a 4 week period (approx 8-10 hours work per week) would result in: £168 retail profit and an additional £48 volume profit = £216 per period*

* 13 periods per year.

Is there an easier way to earn more volume profit with Kleeneze? Yes, by introducing other people to the business.

The team building side of Kleeneze gives you the opportunity to vastly increase your income through your efforts of introducing others to the business.  The more people you help to become successful, the more successful you will become.

Following on from the example on the previous page the example below shows how your earnings would increase if, with the help of your team, you introduced just 5 people who also retailed just £800 per 4-week period like yourself…

Kleeneze Team Building

Each of the people in your team will be earning over £220 per month.  As your group turnover has now increased to £4800 (6 x £800) then you move up the volume profit table to the 12% level.  Your earnings would now be £504 every 4 weeks, or £126 per week – not bad for very part-time hours!

How many people do you know who would be interested in earning an extra £500 per month (£6,000 per annum) for an investment of 10 – 15 hours per week?

Over time as you build your customer base, your retailing returns will be much higher and some people in Kleeneze earn over £2000 per month, just from retailing.

The example below shows how your earnings would increase if you and each of your 5 people retailed £1600 in a 4-week period and just 2 of those people showed 5 people how to do the same…

Kleeneze Team Building 2

N.B. you can earn 5 generation deep, meaning virtually unlimited income potential.

When a distributor has a group turnover of more than £9,000 in the 4-week period, they become a Gold Distributor.  You will now be entitled to around 4.5% royalty bonus on each of your two Gold Distributors and of course, volume profit from the rest of your team who have not yet achieved Gold Distributor status.  The above example would give you an income of approximately £1,700 every 4 weeks, or £425 per week.

Remember, you can introduce more than 5 people to the business – the more people you help to be successful, the more successful you will become.

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Statutory Wealth Warning
It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.