Kleeneze has recently launched into Spain making the Kleeneze opportunity available to residents of España for the first time.  I am therefore looking for two potential leaders who would be interested in heading up teams and participating in the expansion of the business in Spain.  The requirements are:

  • You must be able to speak English to a good level, either as your main or a secondary language. Being able to speak Spanish is also an advantage
  • You must have good communication skills and enjoy working with people
  • You must be self-motivated, hard working and be prepared to work through the expected challenges of working with a company that has recently expanded into a new market
  • You must have your own transport, phone and Internet
  • A background in sales or teaching/training is preferable but not essential

In return for this, you will have the opportunity to get involved near the beginning of the company’s expansion into a marketplace with more than 45 million people!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products would I be selling?
First of all, there is no selling involved in the traditional sense. Sales are made by leaving the catalogues with potential customers for a couple of days and collecting them with or without orders. The current products range contains 520 best-selling products, which can be seen in the Kleeneze Spanish catalogue.

What commission will I get?
Commission rates are the same as they are in the UK and Ireland, which are:

  • Retail profit = 21%
  • Volume profit = up to 16%
  • Royalty bonuses = up to 9%
How much does it cost to get started?
Currently the startup cost is just €35 for the starter kit and 50 catalogues.
What is in the starter kit?
The Kleeneze Spanish starter kit contains 50 main catalogues (you can choose them in Spanish or English at registration), 100 order forms (Spanish or English), 50 snap cat bags and a shoulder bag.
Can I buy extra catalogues after joining and how much are they?
Yes. Spanish retail kits contain 50 catalogues, 50 snap cat bags and 100 order forms. During the introductory phase, the catalogues will be €20.
How do I get products to my customers?
You simply place orders online within your own kleeneze account.  The products will be delivered to you within 5-7 working days and then you deliver them to your customers at which point they pay you.  All parcels in Spain will be delivered by GLS (overseas partners of Parcelforce).
Is there a minimum order value?
Yes, the current minimum order value is €180.  The delivery/handling charge is €7.50 per order.
Is there a minimum order value?
Yes, the current minimum order value is €180.  The delivery/handling charge is €7.50 per order.
Where is Spain can I retail and recruit?
Currently, the opportunity is available in mainland Spain only (not including Gibraltar). The Balearic and Canary Islands are planned for the future.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please contact us here.

Join Kleeneze in Spain

If you would like to get started right away, please call Paul on 0044 7865 496124 or complete the short form below and you will receive a link via email to register online.