Money can be made from day one in this business and this is achieved through your own personal retailing. This simply involves leaving catalogues with friends, relatives, and households, and then collecting them a day or two later.  You can also sell online with your own Kleeneze branded websites.

You earn 21% cash on all catalogue orders that you receive – the rest you simply send to Kleeneze once your customers have paid you. When you start your Kleeneze business you are given a credit limit – enabling you to order the products from Kleeneze and only pay once you have received the money from your customers. This means there are never any stock purchase requirements or cash layout needed.

The more catalogues you put out, then the more orders you will get and the more retail profit you will earn. The average national order is over £1 per catalogue collected*, so you will immediately see how much you can earn just from your own retailing. Once you have developed a customer base, then returns of over £3 per catalogue can be expected and good part-time monthly incomes of £200 – £600 can readily be achieved for as little as 10 hours work per week.

How do I take customer orders?

When you go out to collect your catalogues, you simply pick them up from the doorsteps and then take them home and group your order forms together. Every week or two, you send the order through to the Kleeneze Headquaters in Lancashire and they will then deliver the order to your house within 48 hours. You send Kleeneze your orders over the Internet.

How do my customers pay?

When you deliver an order to a customer, they pay you by cash, cheque or debit/credit card – simple! You keep your 21% commission before paying Kleeneze the remaining balance.

Where can I put my catalogues out?

You can leave your catalogues anywhere, as there are no territories in this business. It is however, advised that you stay as close to home as possible to save time. The idea of this part of the business is to gradually build yourself a customer base who will remain loyal to you. Customer service is therefore important. A good customer service simply means being reliable, polite and friendly. Many distributors really enjoy retailing as it gives them the chance to meet people that they wouldn’t normally meet, and also getting plenty of fresh air, along with the income they make. You may from time to time overlap with other distributors, but this is not a problem as each person develops his/her own customer base.

Of course, the 21% you earn from your own retailing is just the start with this business. As you retail more, you become eligible for extra money in the form of volume profit and royalty bonses. Learn more about team building with Kleeneze here.

* This does not mean you will get a £1 order for every catalogue that you collect what it means is you can expect around £100 worth of orders for every 100 catalogues collected.

Statutory Wealth Warning
It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.