Kleeneze offer a unique and exciting rewards and incentives programme which include:

  • Free catalogues to help new distributors build up a customer base
  • Cars – Kleeneze give away Mini Coopers, BMW’s, Porsches and Ferraris (see below)
  • Holidays – Kleeneze take away 100’s of distributors each year to some of the world’s most exotic locations

Kleeneze have already given away Mini Coopers and Audi TT Coup├ęs and will be rewarding all who reach the pinnacle of the Kleeneze payplan with a Ferrari 488 GTB!

Recent international conferences include India, Dubai and Jamaica and these were available to everyone in the Kleeneze network who took their business seriously – not just to the top achievers.

A recent European conference was in Paris in France, where around 150 distributors attended, some of who had been in the business less then 6 months… all paid for, 5-star luxury from the company.

Kleeneze Las Vegas