Kleeneze Sponsor ‘How Clean Is Your House’ on Channel 4

How Clean is Your House?, 8pm, Thursday 17 May

Kleeneze is beginning it’s sponsorship of the popular series ‘How Clean is Your House?’. This is Kleeneze’s first high-profile TV campaign and will bring the brand to the attention of over 1.5million viewers every week all of whom are potential new customers and distributors. We’ll be showing video clips featuring Kleeneze products and showing how they make life easier. In normal sponsorship fashion Kleeneze will introduce the show with a 15 second clip, play out the show with a 10 second clip, and bumper each side of the ad break. So the Kleeneze name will be mentioned on prime time TV, 4 times in 30 minutes, every week, for 12 weeks.

Please note these are sponsorship credits, not advertisements. The difference is that the Kleeneze name will get more mentions in a shorter amount of airtime, but there are strict rules preventing any specific product features and benefits being shown. These credits are designed to raise the overall brand awareness of Kleeneze, so more people are talking about us and interested in the products and the business opportunity.

Even more exciting initiatives

The series runs for 12 weeks and forms part of a wider brand awareness campaign. We’ve got lots of exciting new initiatives planned to help make the very most of this sponsorship – including a PR and radio campaign, a ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ website, and specially branded flyers and catalogues.

A great time to join Kleeneze

With so many chances to raise our profile and bring Kleeneze to the masses, there’s really never been a better time to join the Kleeneze Opportunity. We’d love you to get involved, so please show your support by telling your friends, relatives and neighbours, and make sure your TV’s switched on next Thursday!

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